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Is the Calendar app crashing on iOS 11? Check out this interim solution!

With each update, an expectation to fix our pet bugs.

Yesterday was the day to update iOS to its version 11.1, which came with some improvements. However, as many have reported, the application Calendar (Calendar) continues to present several bugs even in this new version and I was also contemplated with the small problems.

Many people who depend on the native iOS app have been complaining that they can barely access the app properly or that it closes abruptly, crashes and things like that.

To try to make the app ?usable? again, a reader of ours gave us a tip that might work. If you were one of the ?recipients? of these errors, follow these steps:

  1. V at General Settings Date and Time and disable the option ?Automatically?.
  2. Change the Fuso Horrio to ?Fernando de Noronha? (or ?Noronha?).

Try to follow these steps to at least alleviate the problem until Apple fixes it for good. Tell us below if it worked for you! ?