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Instagram releases publication of older photos / videos in Stories; Skype adds photo effects to your app

In yet another attempt to bring all the possible features of the universe to your application, the Instagram finally is allowing users to publish on their Stories videos and photos taken more than 24 hours ago.

Previously, this feature was not enabled possibly because it tries to maintain the most instantaneous intent of the stories. Now, perhaps due to user requests, the resource has been released to everyone, in order to provide more flexibility in the posts.

Just as you normally would, when you're on the camera, swipe up to open the library or touch the gallery icon. Choose your photo or video and tap to select what you want to share.

Instagram camera roll

When you choose a photo or video that is more than 24 hours old, the app will automatically add a sticker with the day in question that you can reposition, change its size or simply delete.

Enjoy while nothing else changes because, as it has happened, surely something new will appear soon.

Instagram app icon

Skype lets you use effects in photos

Does Snapchat remember him? he is trying to recover as he can and, during the announcement of his frustrated financial result, CEO Evan Spiegel said he is preparing a major redesign of the app.

But while that day does not arrive, another application seems to be embarking on the wave of swallowing all the resources of competitors: the Skype. After redesigning its mobile and desktop application, another novelty came to the iOS and Android application yesterday.

Today, we are introducing photographic effects – smart and whimsical effects, like quirky face stickers and witty captions, for your photos or Highlights.

Skype Effects Photos

After taking a photo, touch the magic wand button at the top of the screen to access the photo effects. Just like all other apps today, swipe right or left to see the different photo effects applied. Among them, you will find various stickers such as masks, location, climate and even ?smart? captions.

Now that Skype has a taste of what it takes to get a feature from another more famous app, change its name and add it to your app, I doubt that will stop there. ?

Skype iPhone app icon

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