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How to remove your Apple Pay cards if your device is lost or stolen

O Apple Pay it arrived in Brazil and already has many people making good use of Ma's payment platform, even though its support is not exactly broad in commercial establishments in the country.

If the places you usually go to already accept the payment method, however, the change of habit is notable: the exit with cash or cards is no longer mandatory and you only depend on your iPhone / Apple Watch to carry out the transactions .

As tempting as this paradigm shift is and Apple Pay adds an important layer of security to card transactions, one question may well pop up in your head: what if my iPhone is lost or stolen? How do I deal with the extremely sensitive payment information saved there?

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to delete them immediately and we explain below.

First of all, it is good to note that, in general, there is nothing to worry about if your iPhone falls into the wrong hands. If you have configured the device with a biometric authentication method (Touch ID or Face ID, depending on the model) and a secure password, it is very likely that the attacker will not be able to even enter your device, to start a conversation or perform transactions on the Apple. Pay, which require the same authentication.

Still, for cases in which the person in possession of your device can have your password or a method of accessing it (or simply to relieve your head), removing the card information from the device is very simple:

  1. Access the Apple ID page and sign in to the account linked to the lost / stolen device;
  2. Click / tap on your device (s) and, in the displayed information, access the Apple Pay section;
  3. Click "Remove" or "Remove All" (in case of two or more cards).

Removing an Apple Pay card

Ready: from now on, all payment information connected to Apple Pay on that device will be suspended or removed immediately, whether the device is connected or not to a cellular or Wi-Fi network if it has no internet connection, the transaction will not be processed when the device establishes a connection with the payment terminal at the merchant.

You can also remove your cards through, by going to "Settings" and also clicking on your device connected to Apple Pay to remove the card. Once this step is taken, you can go to Find iPhone to continue with standard procedures when you have lost your device, such as locking / deleting it remotely or sending a message. And luckier next time! ?