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How to add, customize and delete an Apple Watch face

The dials of Apple Watch they are probably one of the most customizable features of Ma's wearable gadget and are among users' favorite features. Who never put Minnie / Mickey Mouse to tell the time, anyway? ?

If you don't know or haven't figured out how to modify Watch faces, follow this step-by-step guide to understand how to add or change a face and customize it with the available complications.

Adding a display

To create a new custom watch face, simply access the following options on your Apple Watch:

Apple Watch faces

  1. Press the Digital Crown to display the display;
  2. Press the Apple Watch screen firmly and slide to the right, all the way;
  3. Touch Plus symbol to add a new display;
  4. Rotate the Digital Crown to select a display style and touch the one you want to use.

Changing a display

To change a display, the procedure is even simpler.

Apple Watch faces

  1. Press the Digital Crown to display the display;
  2. Swipe your finger to the right or left from edge to edge of your Apple Watch to change and stop when you find the model you want.

Customizing a face

There are several options for customizing the displays on the Apple Watch, making it possible to add new information to the screen (complications) and adjust the position of each one. Here's how to customize below:

Apple Watch faces

  1. Press the Digital Crown to display the display;
  2. Press the Apple Watch screen firmly and swipe right or left, tapping "Personalize";
  3. Select a feature by swiping right or left and rotate the Digital Crown to change it;
  4. To change the complications, swipe left to the end, touch a complication to select it and rotate the Digital Crown to change it;
  5. After selecting and adjusting your display, press the Digital Crown to save changes;
  6. Touch the display to make it appear as the current Watch display.

It is also possible to add more options of complications or app information to the Watch face. The display can, for example, display information about battery, date, weather and even information from third-party applications.

Apple Watch complications

To add more personalization options, use the iPhone to which the Watch is paired and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Watch app on the iPhone;
  2. In the ?Meu Relgio? tab, tap on the option ?Complications?;
  3. Check which installed apps offer complications for Watch and tap Plus symbol right to add it to the options and in Symbol of to exclude a particular complication;
  4. On Watch, follow the instructions on how to customize to configure the complications added by iPhone.

How to Erase a Display

Apple Watch faces

To delete a native or created watch face, follow the instructions on the Apple Watch:

  1. Press the Digital Crown to display the display;
  2. Press the Watch screen firmly, slide left or right and stop at the display you want to erase;
  3. Slide your finger up and tap "Remove".

Managing everything from the iPhone

It is also possible to customize the Apple Watch face on the iPhone, in case you don't like the idea of ??doing it all on the small screen of the Apple Watch. To do this, keep the gadgets close to each other and follow the instructions below:

  1. On the iPhone, open the Watch app;
  2. In the ?Gallery? tab, navigate between the various display styles available and select the one you want to use;
  3. In the display settings, change the color and select which complication to occupy which position on the watch face for example, in the upper left position you can put ?Weather conditions?, in the upper right ?Date?, in the lower left ?Calendar?, in lower right ?Exercise? and so on;
  4. When finishing the customization, tap on ?Add? so that the display is available on the Watch.

To delete a display or change their order, simply visit the "My Watch" tab and, in the "My Display" option, touch the "Edit" button. Then just put everything in the order you want or remove a display that no longer interests you.

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