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How does Waze Carpool work? Find out what the app, price and features | Productivity

Waze Carpool is the Google ride app, which integrates with the famous Waze app. With the service, passengers and drivers on the same route at a specific time can share the cost of travel and the cost of maintaining the car. The collaborative platform is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones and accesses data from Waze users to suggest people who might be interested in sharing the trip. The app is similar to the proposal of the BlaBlaCar app, as it works without the intention of making money as a professional driver. In this way, the service is a cheaper alternative compared to rivals Uber and Cabify.

On average, the ride cost is between R $ 4 to R $ 25 and the payment is made only by credit card. The platform was launched in 2009, but only arrived in Brazil in August this year. Check out the following questions and answers about Waze Carpool and learn how to use them, what are the payment methods and know the service's security policy.

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Waze Carpool Google's free ride app to rival Uber Photo: Helito Bijora / TechTudoWaze Carpool Google's free ride app to rival Uber Photo: Helito Bijora / TechTudo

Waze Carpool Google's free ride app to rival Uber Photo: Helito Bijora / TechTudo

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1. What and how does Waze Carpool work?

The Waze Carpool an application to request or offer a ride. Available on Android and iPhone (iOS), the service works integrated with the data and technology of the Waze app. Thus, he accesses information from people who use the collaborative platform and also take the same route, home-to-work, for example, at a certain time. In this way, the app makes it possible for Waze drivers to give passengers a ride on the Waze Carpool.

2. Where is Waze Carpool available?

For now, Waze Carpool is present in Brazil, the United States and Israel. Soon, the app will be available to the rest of the world, but without a date, according to the information on the service's website.

3. How does hitchhiking planning work?

Waze Carpool allows the user to plan their rides in advance. To do this, just choose the route (home or work, for example), day and time of your preference. Then, send a travel request to as many drivers as you want and wait for confirmation. Finally, the photo of the driver who accepted your travel offer appears.

With regard to security, Waze Carpool allows both the passenger and the driver to have access to social networks, assessments and common connections. In addition, the passenger can report the driver to the service itself and vice versa. Another is to block the person from receiving further messages and offer or ask for rides. The appeal is valid for cases of abuse or any disrespectful attitude against one of the users of the application.

5. What are the features and differentials?

Waze Carpool has some features that make it a differentiator compared to competitors. The passenger can share the time of their trip on social networks or messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, to invite their friends to share the cost.

Another function allows you to create groups with people who usually take the same route as you and make everyone's trip cheaper. The base price calculated from the route, number of people in the vehicle, among other factors, but there is no applicable service fee, according to Waze Carpool. In addition, the driver and the passenger can share the travel expenses for gasoline, toll and parking, for example as an alternative to the standard payment system per race, made by rival Uber.

6. How does payment work?

The passenger needs to create a Google Pay account and add a valid credit card. Automatic charge every time the trip is completed. The following information will appear on the statement: GOOGLE * WAZECPL, month, day and period AM (morning) or PM (afternoon / evening). J for the driver the amount received will be deposited in a Google Payments account. In some cases, the platform claims to subsidize travel costs, that is, the ride applicant pays less than the driver receives.

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