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Honda's Gold Wing 2018 is the first bike to incorporate the CarPlay system

During a special event in Santa Barbara, California (United States), the Honda announced its newest bike, the Gold Wing 2018.

Before you escape to the hills thinking that the focus of the publications of MacMagazine changed, I explain: this new Honda motorcycle is the first to come equipped CarPlay, system designed for cars created by Apple.

Gold Wing 2018 CarPlay

As the CNET, That beauty above it connects to an iPhone (and charges it) via a USB that is in a motorcycle compartment. As soon as the device is connected, the CarPlay interface appears on the motorcycle's 7 ? LCD screen. To listen to music, make calls or any type of communication, you need to pair Bluetooth headsets.

Since the rider needs to be very attentive while driving the vehicle, how would the interaction with the system be done? They thought about that too: unlike when there is a touchscreen in cars, at Gold Wing 2018 the controllers are close to the left hand, easily accessible, and also in a rotary control on the tank.

Despite being stout, this new 40kg bike is lighter than the older models, and has a 1.800cc engine with triangular double arm front suspension. Something cited by CNEThowever, that the cargo space is smaller than before.

Gold Wing 2018 will start selling in some countries in 2018, with an initial price of $ 23,500. You can find out the rest of the information directly on the Honda website.

As for CarPlay, maybe now is the time to review that name, right? ?