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Google Stadia may release free account soon

Google Stadia may release free account soon

When Google officially unveiled the cloud-based gaming service Stadia in 2019, we were told that there would be a premium tier called Stadia Pro – which would cost $ 9.99 per month and a free tier called Stadia Base.

Stadia Pro was launched together with the Stadia service and control in November, but in the following months, we hardly heard about Stadia Base, the free version of the service.

Everything we know for sure that it will be released sometime in 2020. Google continues without commenting on it, but after searching the archives of the latest update to the Stadia app, the 9to5Google people may have found evidence that the Base Stadia is being prepared to be released to everyone.

Difference between Google Stadia plansDifference between Google Stadia plans

Currently, anyone can download the Stadia app from Google Play, but you can only register an account if you have a code for the purchase of Founder's Edition, Premiere Edition or if you have received a Buddy Pass.

But in the new update, the following excerpt was found, which suggests a way to sign up without a paid code:

"Text on the button that allows the user to skip the code redemption and continue with the account creation flow.

Continue without a code "

Not only will you be able to create an account without paying anything, but there will also appear to be a free trial of Stadia Pro, which will allow anyone to test drive the premium service for 30 days.

Although Stadia is not available in Brazil, there is no doubt that many players will want to see what is available in the Base version of the service.

However, this can increase the flow on Google's servers, which is why another section in the update reveals that there will be a limit on the number of free accounts that can be registered. It is not clear whether this relates to the service as a whole or to specific areas:

"To provide the best game quality for everyone, we have limited the number of accounts on Stadia. We have reached this limit, but we are working hard to create additional space in the Stadia cloud so that more people can enjoy the same high-quality game performance. Check again in the future the availability of new players. "

The good news is that you can still sign up if you have a code. We hope that Google will make an official announcement about Stadia Base soon and that the service will arrive in Brazil soon so that we can test the same.

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