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Galaxy S20 line records sales below expectations in South Korea

Galaxy S20 line records sales below expectations in South Korea

Samsung has not yet started sales of the Galaxy S20 line in many markets, as this is expected to happen on March 6. However, when we talk about South Korea, at the company's headquarters, the three models can now be purchased by consumers.

However, contrary to what was expected, during the first day of sales the Galaxy S20 line did not show encouraging results. The South Korean press said almost 71,000 units were sold, a figure well below what was recorded by the Galaxy S10 line in the same period.

These figures contradict the expectations of many analysts, who believed that the new flagships from Samsung would be more successful than their predecessors. Although it has not been confirmed, it is believed that the main factor for underperforming performance is the coronavirus outbreak, which has been affecting not only production lines, but also the number of sales.

Recent data show that about 2,580 people were infected with the coronavirus in South Korea alone. With that in mind, it is natural that many people stop going to stores to buy non-essential products.

Prices can also be another fact for numbers below expectations. In Samsung's home country, the Galaxy S20 in its most basic variant costs $ 993 (R $ 4,450), without taking taxes into account. As for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it starts at $ 1,520 (R $ 6,812).

Anyway, it is still too early to determine that the Galaxy S20 line is not able to surpass its predecessors in sales, given that these models have not yet arrived in Europe and the United States. Therefore, when this happens, the numbers can be reversed quickly.

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