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For football enthusiasts: ScoutGo app, for iPad, is an accurate tool for recording match statistics

There is a big difference between liking football and to like of football. I, for example, don't like football: I really like to see Bahia win the rest, honestly, I don't care. If you are not like me, however, and are really interested in the science of the sport created by the English and perfected by Brazilians, the app ScoutGo, by the Brazilian Vitor Cunha, can be a great request.

ScoutGo app iconScoutGo app screenshotScoutGo app screenshot

The iPad app is a simple and quick way to record all possible and imaginable statistics (or, more specifically, more than 40 different types) of a football match, be it the corner game or a Champions League game. Bids such as right passes, crosses, wrong passes and launches, shots on goal, possession of the ball, wires, corners and many others can be computed in the simple ScoutGo interface.

Once the game is over, the numbers are all grouped in easy-to-view graphs; It is possible to view the performance of each player, compare up to three of them side by side and analyze the offensive performance of each team. All data can then be exported to a CSV file.

The tool will, of course, be a hand on the wheel for coaches and assistants to amateur teams, but it can also be useful for enthusiasts who want to compute the performance of their own teams at heart or are simply interested in analyzing the performance of a particular player or team.

ScoutGo is compatible with iOS 10.3 or higher (only on Ma tablets, of course) and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.