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Everpurse is an amazing bag-shaped external battery

Women are just as addicted to their iPhones as men. And the problem with it being such a good phone that we ended up using up its battery in just a few hours. So Elizabeth Day had an idea: why not develop a bag that carries your iPhone?

Certainly more elegant than most clumsy external batteries, the Everpurse the result of a simple idea well executed. With a special appeal to women, the small bag can be used alone, or inside larger ones. Despite not revealing how many milliampere-hours the battery has, the inventor says it will be enough to fully charge an iPhone twice.

Also elegant is the solution for recharging the battery built into the bag. Instead of having to connect it directly to the wall, an induction charging platform does this job.

Check out a demo video of Everpurse:

Still in the fundraising phase by Kickstarter, the scholarship can be purchased for at least US $ 130 on the project page, with possible shipping and import fees, and should start to be distributed only in March 2013.

(via swissmiss)