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Eight curiosities about Black Friday in Brazil, according to Google | E-commerce

Black Friday will take place on November 23rd and several stores and brands will offer a series of products at lower prices in Brazil. The date is only behind Christmas with regard to commercial importance in the country. But what type of product is best sold? When the peak of shopping? What do consumers take into account before purchasing? Due to the growth and interest in promotions in the country, Google, in partnership with the consultancy Provokers, carried out a survey on Brazilian behavior and habits during the period. Check out below eight curiosities about Black Friday.

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Black Friday happens on November 23 in 2018 Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudoBlack Friday happens on November 23 in 2018 Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudo

Black Friday happens on November 23 in 2018 Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudo

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1. 71% of respondents say they have already purchased on Black Friday

According to Google, Black Friday is the second most important seasonal date in Brazil, second only to Christmas. In the survey conducted by Gigante de Buscas, 71% of Brazilians said they had already taken advantage of the promotions of the date. The number of respondents' adhesions has increased over the years: just before 2013, only 13% bought any product or service on Black Friday, 30% in 2014 and 55% in 2016.

2. 44% of products purchased in the period are electronic

According to the survey, the variety of products purchased increased from 3.4, in 2015, to 3.9 items in 2017. However, the electronics market is the one that most invoices on the date, with this type of product being responsible for 44% of purchases made in the period. In second place are clothing and accessories, which represent 19% of sales, and in third place are games and beauty goods, tied at 9% each.

3. 80% of consumers complete the entire online shopping process

Among those interviewed by Google in 2017, 80% said they did both the research process and the online purchase process, that is, by computer or mobile devices. J 11% do the consultation on the Internet and purchase in a physical store, while 4% do the opposite way (online purchase and offline research). Finally, those who carry out both actions personally also represent 4% of the total.

Black Friday: five tips for shopping online safely

Black Friday: five tips for shopping online safely

4. Half of Brazilians see price as the main attribute at the time of decision

Before purchasing a product, it is common to consider a number of factors. In the survey conducted by Google, 49% of respondents stated that the price is the main attribute when deciding whether to complete the purchase or not. Just below, with 27%, confidence in the store appears, followed by confidence in the brand (13%), freight (5%), payment in installments (3%) and delivery time (2%).

5. 16% of people buy on the date on impulse

Although Black Friday is a date when many are financially organized to buy something for a lower price, 16% of people confessed that, despite not having planned, they ended up buying products when they found a good opportunity. The majority (33%), however, considered the period an opportunity to purchase an item or service that they expected. What motivated 23% of people was the low price to get something they always use.

6. 35% heard about promotions through e-commerce sites

Black Friday ads and disclosures through different vehicles is still very important for people to remember the date, however, 35% of people are aware of the event when entering online commerce sites.

Already 26% are informed about promotions when receiving e-mail from the store or brand website and 24% find out on search engines. Right behind, with 23%, are those who remember due to the advertisements on TV, 19% when accessing the store / brand page and also 19% through social networks.

Sites are primarily responsible for advertising the date Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudoSites are primarily responsible for advertising the date Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudo

Sites are primarily responsible for advertising the date Photo: Gabrielle Lancellotti / TechTudo

7. Most purchases made even on Friday

The survey conducted by Google found that 79% of respondents make purchases on Friday. Of these, 38% purchased the products at the beginning of the day, 28% in the middle and 12% at the end, because they believe that the offers are better.

8. There are more passionate about Black Friday than disbelievers with the promotions

It is not difficult to hear about cases of black fraud, when brands increase the value of products next to the promotional date to download them during the Black Friday period to the price already practiced. This is one of the reasons why some people are a little suspicious of the promotions announced.

The survey, however, shows that lovers of the date represent 18% of respondents, while unbelievers make up 15% of the total. Insecure in carrying out transactions in the period are 22%, the same percentage of people who usually share offers on social networks and of those who are impulsive buyers, excited by the low prices.