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Developer creates own app for Animojis with more recording time; check out some karaoke using the feature

There are many questions that made the world comment on the iPhone X, either for its screen with OLED technology, incredible cameras, Face ID and other good news.

However, there is one thing that really caught the internet: Animojis. The possibility of talking about anything hiding behind the faces of little animals, ETs and even a simple poop seems pretty silly, but there is an incredible facial recognition technology behind it.

In the video below, we've already tested and talked a little about the feature:

As we know, Animojis were designed to live on Apple's messenger, iMessage, and only because of that it is possible to make recordings and send them to friends. However, the feature seems to have been so successful that developer Simon B. Stvring has already created an app for the little creatures, adding 10 seconds more than the time allowed in the native messaging app.

Steve Troughton-Smith: Considering that Animoji is only a user interface for the framework private AvatarKit, maybe someone could make a dedicated and open source application to record karaok.

Simon B. Stvring: Definitely one could do.

Called SBSAnimoji, the application uses an API to allow users to record up to 20 seconds of video using Animojis, the developer said, however, that he plans to increase this time. Although the APIs are private, this does not prevent curious developers from using them. And since we see people doing this, imagine the amount of idea that would not appear if Apple released, in the future, the opening of these APIs.

SBSAnimoji is not currently available on the App Store and will probably never arrive, but if you have a developer account, you can download it for free on GitHub. Remembering, of course, that this doesn't work on iPhones other than X, the only one with the framework AvatarKit.

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Speaking of Animoji, do you remember how Apple introduced the feature in one of its first iPhone X videos? If not, scroll down until 0:32 of the video below to refresh the memory:

Yes, if you pay attention, the company itself has already filed the appeal making a small sample of what would be the fever of "Animojik", or the Animojis karaoks. If you still don't have the iPhone X to create these animations, at least you can have fun with the karaoks of the pets that are appearing all the time on the web.

Check out the coolest ones below (and get ready to hit your head, dance, laugh and regret not having your iPhone X yet):

I did something.

And if you want to see more, there is already a specific Twitter account to publicize Animoji Karok's videos.

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But if you are sick of seeing the faces in karaoks, what do you think of this montage below with the pets in famous movies?

Yes, get used to seeing things like that, buddy

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider, iClarified