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Customizing the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Control Center

With the arrival of iOS 11 it was possible, for the first time, to customize the Control Center of your device according to the features / functions you use most, allowing you to access them more quickly.

Right after the release of iOS 11, we published a video commenting on the news from the Control Center (including how to customize it).

Now, let's remember how to manage this fundamental feature of iOS in this step-by-step that leaves you in charge of your device's Control Center.

How to open and close the Control Center

  • To open the Control Center, slide your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen. If you are using an iPad, iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus, it is also possible to access it horizontally in this case, you must slide your finger from the side edge of the screen upwards. If you're using an iPhone X, slide your finger from the top right corner (where battery and Wi-Fi information is displayed) down.
  • To close the Control Center on the iPad or iPhone (except the X model), simply press the Start button. On iPhone X, swipe up from the device's home bar.

Customizing the Control Center

To add, remove and organize shortcuts in the Control Center, follow the steps below:

Control Center on iOS 11

  1. Access Control Center Settings and tap on ?Customize Controls?;
  2. Add controls by tapping + Symbol, which is to the left of the resource name;
  3. Remove controls you don't use by touching Symbol of -, to the left of the resource name;
  4. To organize the shortcuts, move the three gray bars on the right side in the order you prefer.

Access and control adjustments

Now that you've customized your controls and added the shortcuts you use most, here's how to access and control the settings.

Control Center on iOS 11

  • Network settings: press firmly or hold down the ?Settings? card (in the upper left corner) to activate or deactivate Avio Mode, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop and Personal Access;
  • Control an audio: press firmly or hold the audio card (in the upper right corner) to play, pause, skip or rewind a track in addition to controlling the audio volume;
  • Other adjustments: open the Control Center to view the settings you added Central. Among the available shortcuts, it is possible to access and configure the alarm, the screen brightness, the calculator, activate / deactivate the Do Not Disturb and Low Energy Mode, change the Text Size, block the screen orientation, activate the Quiet Mode and much more.

For iPhones 6s or higher, the 3D Touch feature allows you to access even more options and settings via shortcuts in the Control Center. To do this, press the screen firmly to expand additional features. If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier, an iPad or an iPod touch, press and hold the apps below to display more controls.

For now, Calculator and Recorder are only available on iPhone and iPod touch. These features will be added on the iPad from iOS 12 and on the Mac with macOS Mojave.

Do Not Disturb While Driving and Low Energy Mode are only available on iPhone. Quiet Mode is only available on iPad and iPod touch.

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We recently published a tutorial on how to set up Personal Access, a feature that allows you to share your 3G / 4G internet with other devices.

We hope that this and other tutorials will help new (and old, who knows) iOS users to better understand some of the main functions available on their devices. ?