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Bradesco is already preparing for Apple Pay

O Apple Pay arrived in Brazil with an exclusive 90-day partnership with Banco Ita. No one knows for sure whether other banks / credit cards will enter the game as soon as those 90 days expire, but yesterday the reader Luiz Assis sent us the following report:

Yes, the screen above leaves no doubt: the Bradesco Bank is already preparing to enter Apple Pay. When exactly this happens, it remains unknown, but taking into account that the 90-day period of exclusivity for Ita ends at the beginning of July, it is quite possible that Bradesco will enter the game soon afterwards.

It is good to make it clear that, although the screen above appears for those trying to add Visa Infinite to Apple Pay, the process of including the credit card is still not properly completed. Something similar happened with Ita, just before the official launch.

Apparently, according to information from Luiz, only Visa cards (national and international) will be accepted by Bradesco according to what is written in the presented Terms & Conditions. As everything is still in the preparation / integration phase, let's hope that these terms still change and that other flags (such as Mastercard, Elo and American Express) are accepted. It is worth noting that Bradesco issues some of these cards to people who do not necessarily have a bank account in the same way that non-account holders at Ita can request a Credicard Zero, also accepted at Apple Pay.

Here is also our support for other banks (traditional ones such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa and Santander, in addition to Inter, Original, Neon, etc.) and fintechs (like Nubank, Trigg and others) also start supporting Apple Pay right after the end of Ita's exclusivity. The more companies participating, the better!