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Apple Watch modern clasp bracelet discontinued

Over the years, since the launch of the Watch, Apple has always tried to launch new colors and materials for watch straps.

These launches usually take place during the changing seasons of the year (around the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere our autumn, down here). However, among those that have not received updates since its launch, is the bracelet with modern clasp, launched in 2015 with the original Apple Watch.

Well, the bracelet was discontinued by Ma last week, at least in the American online store. Made of leather and with stainless steel hand clasp, it was only available for 38mm watches and cost US $ 150 l outside (or R $ 1,000 here in Brazil).

Apple Watch - Bracelet with modern clasp

Interestingly, however, the midnight blue color of the medium size of this bracelet remains available in stock at the Brazilian online store.

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