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Apple promises software update to improve user experience with iPhone X in very cold places

Not new to anyone that iPads, iPhones and iPods touch should be used within "normal" temperature ranges. Incidentally, this applies to basically any electronics around.

Apple has a specific support article on this, recommending that iGadgets are used in environments with temperature between 0C and 35C, and stored between -20C and 45C.

There is absolutely no way, for example, to drop the iPhone into a closed car in the hot sun. If you have already done this, when you get it back you should have come across this alert:

IPhone high temperature alert

Well, here's what Apple officially says:

Low or high temperature conditions can cause changes in the behavior of the device in order to regulate the temperature. Using an iOS device in very cold conditions and outside the operating range can temporarily reduce battery life and cause the device to shut down. The battery life will return to normal when the device is at higher ambient temperatures.

Okay, fine. The problem that is already popping up in countless user reports with difficulties using iPhone X in the cold. Apparently, his touchscreen becomes unusable or, at the very least, the gestures respond intermittently.

Although a priori this may be as expected, Apple declared to the The Loop who is, yes, working on a software update (!) that minimize the impact of cold on the screens of iPhones X. She didn?t give a prediction of when this fix will come out (who knows already on iOS 11.2, which is in testing?), but it?s good to know that she is committed to the case.