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Apple launches adapters for the new Lightning connector [atualizado]

The 30-pin connector was finally replaced, after serving us for almost a decade. The new Lightning brought several improvements, such as the possibility of connecting it in any orientation, greater durability and its size 80% smaller.

However, many of us have several accessories compatible only with the old standard. In order not to let us down, Apple made two new adapters available in its American store.

Lightning 30-pin dock connector adapter

The first is a small object that connects your device compatible only with Lightning to the old 30-pin connector, costing $ 30 at the Apple Online Store.

30-pin dock connector cable for Lightning input

The other is a 20cm cable where one end goes into your iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation ouiPod nano of seventh generation, and the other fits in the old dock connector. It costs $ 40 at the Apple Online Store.

Both are not yet available and have no set prices in Brazil, but they must obviously arrive together with the new devices.

Update, by Rafael Fischmann

In Europe, Apple also launched a Lightning to Micro USB adapter, just as there was one with the old 30-pin dock connector before.

Apple - Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

It costs 15 GBP or 19 Euros.