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Apple is helping pay Foxconn employees' salaries, says analyst

The analyst Adnaan Ahmad, from Berenberg Bank, said in a note sent today to investors that Apple is helping Foxconn with increases in employee salaries.

Tim Cook visits Foxconn

Ahmad relied on the gross margins of the two companies to reach this conclusion. While Foxconn's gross margin grew, the Cupertino giant's declined quarter after quarter, in addition to its investments having increased.

But while the analyst believes that Apple is subsidizing the improvement in employee salaries, he says that Foxconn's other two major customers (Sony and HP) are not contributing, due to the "precarious situation" of the two companies.

Foxconn is investing heavily to improve the working conditions of its employees. The result of this can be seen in the latest survey by the Fair Labor Association, which showed great progress by the major supplier in this area.

(via AppleInsider)