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Apple hires important Waymo engineer for its autonomous car venture

He thought the world had forgotten about "Project Titan"? Found it wrong.

After spending a few months under the hood, just multiplying its fleet of cars for testing, Ma's system design for self-guided vehicles is gaining a very special force. O The Information today revealed that Apple recently hired Jaime Waydo, renowned specialist in the automotive area.

Waydo was considered one of the leading names in the development of autonomous driving technology in the Waymo (yes, the name is almost the same as a coincidence), subsidiary of Google, where he worked as head of systems. His main role at the company was to assess the safety of Waymo prototypes and give the go-ahead when the models were ready to go out on the road, in tests now, the engineer must play a similar role at Apple.

They are good news to assure us that Ma is still putting efforts in the endeavor, but still according to the matter of the The Information anyone who is anxiously waiting for an Apple announcement on the matter should wait while seated. Experts heard by the report say that Cupertino's initiative is not yet taken seriously in the industry given its lag behind competing companies such as Tesla and GM, in addition to its numerous shifts in focus and leadership over the past few years.

If the hiring of Waydo is going to change something in that sense, only time will tell but it is at least a good sign and can make the competitors look at Ma with a little more respect.

via 9to5Mac