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Apollo is a new app for the social network Reddit that was created with iOS in mind

Apollo the name of the newest customer for the social network Reddit, created especially for iOS.

With several different interactions, 3D Touch support and customizable gestures that make the most of the system, this new app focuses on Apple products for a reason: its creator, developer Christian Selig, a former employee of Ma, whatever say you know how things work internally.

Thinking about it, Selig said in his post on the network that he wanted to create an app for Reddit which would basically show what it would be like if Apple itself created for this social network. And he, of course, had the help of several comrades from the network itself to create the Apollo, which was launched yesterday (10/23) and already has a very positive response.

Apollo for Reddit app icon

Starting with the visual, we can see that the app is very simple and focused on content, and it reminds a lot of Apple apps, with options in tabs at the bottom and light colors. However, this can be modified: for those who prefer, a dark mode can be activated manually in the settings, scheduled at specific times or configured to activate automatically based on the brightness level of your device, which is great for those who stay overnight.

Its level of personalization is what draws the most attention, which makes sense since it is intended for the varied communities of Reddit. In it, you can adjust the size of the posts as compact or large, modify the gestures (drag to the sides) and more.

And, as it is a single location for several smaller communities, subreddits, there is the option "Jump Bar", so you can easily go from one subreddit for another, just touching the title, typing the name and the autocomplete feature takes care of showing you the approximate results.

When writing a comment or post, the app uses the Markdown, which can facilitate writing and streamline the process. It is also easy to view, share and copy images, GIFs, videos, albums and even sources. An interesting feature that exists in the Pro version of the app is the ability to slide a GIF back and forth and notice every aspect of it.

Speaking of paid version, Apollo has a peculiar way of charging for it. I mean, to unlock the Pro features, you can choose three values ??just to help: $ 3, $ 5 or $ 10 choosing any of the three, you have access to creating posts, multiple accounts, automatic dark mode, app icon customized, Touch ID and passwords (including, already prepared support for Face ID), customizable gestures and more you can download it for free directly from the App Store.

via MacStories