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Angela Ahrendts argues that physical stores should serve a greater purpose than selling

As previously announced last May, Apple?s retail boss, Angela Ahrendts, participated in an interview at the annual advertising festival Cannes Lions, which takes place this week in France.

As usual, the chat was conducted by another Ma executive Tor Myhren, vice president of communications and marketing for the company.

Thank you creative community that joined us at #CannesLions today to learn about #TodayatApple and how our retail experience inspires learning, unleashes creativity and encourages human connection.

During the interview, Ahrendts commented on what it was like to join Apple after a request made by the company's CEO, Tim Cook. Before working for Ma, in 2013, the executive was executive director of Burberry, a British clothing, luxury accessory and cosmetics brand.

It was funny. I struggled with myself not to join Apple, because I thought I already had the best job on the planet and that we were doing great. The culture we build and Burberry's team values ??are so brilliant. But Tim kept saying "trust me, trust me".

Regarding physical stores and the user experience at the time of purchase, Ahrendts made an analysis of what has been happening with Apple in recent years and said that the future is not so negative for retailers. According to the executive, most purchases, in fact, made over the internet; however, many customers go to physical stores to finalize and search for products they have purchased online.

In the next five years, 75% of people will go shopping online, to view and know what they want to buy. However, 75% of business will still be done in physical stores.

Because of this, Ahrendts explained that "retail is not leaving" or "dying", but will have to evolve over time. The executive added:

I think that retail has to serve a greater purpose than just selling.

In the meantime, Apple is already working so that the physical environments of its stores have maximum comfort and technology. In addition to providing involvement and interactivity with your customers as the sessions of the Today at Apple, held in Ma stores around the world.

At another point in the conversation, Ahrendts said that Apple is part of a branch of commerce in which human beings are the priority. She emphasized that the company thinks business from a human approach, and that the Cupertino giant's job is to humanize technologies. An example of this is the workshops offered by the program Apple Camp, in which children learn how to work artfully with technology, among other activities.

via 9to5Mac