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Analysts have their say on the iPhone 5

Launched a few hours ago, the new smartphone from Apple brought several new features, such as the larger 4 ? screen and an even more powerful processor.

iPhone 5 from top and side, front and back

Check out what five analysts said / learned about the iPhone 5, according to the Fortune Tech (free translation ours).

Brian White, Topeka Capital Markets The new iPhone 5 has been unveiled. Let the lines begin.

We believe that these changes will lead to a major update in the history of consumer electronics. First, the larger screen (4 inches vs. 3.5 inches) will give the consumer a much better experience of reading and viewing videos, leading up to last year's iPhone 4S updates. Second, the 18% smaller format, aided by the use of screen technology in-cell, Amazing. Surprisingly, the new iPhone is also 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. Third, the new housing unibody Aluminum has created a more polished look on this new iPhone, and we are expected to really draw attention around the world. Target price unchanged from $ 1,111.

Peter Misek, Jefferies He's here! Buy it!

Overall, the iPhone 5 announcement is up to expectations, although we thought the phone would be launched on more operators and earlier than many investors expected. We believe that the launch schedule implies that supply restrictions are not as bad as some thought. We see a number of catalysts for stocks to perform well over the next few months and the next year. Unchanged target price of $ 900.

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray The iPhone 5 was announced as expected.

Apple officially announced the iPhone 5 today, and we believe the phone will meet or exceed consumer expectations. The redesigned device brings us more security in our perception that Apple will sell from 6 million to 10 million iPhones 5 by the end of September, and we are increasing our estimate for the quarter ending in September to 27.2 million, from 22 million, to reflect our conviction. Target price unchanged from $ 910.

Kieth Bachman, BMO Capital Markets As expected 5.

For Apple product launches, we usually talk about some features that stood out. However, our opinion about the new iPhone 5 is that it is a sum of installments. With the bigger screen and optimized software, including iOS, Siri and Maps, in a smaller format, we think the phone will do well. As usually happens, Apple put the price of the new smartphones the same as the previous models. Target price unchanged from $ 680.

Ben Reitzes, Barclays New screen, new software, new features.

We also noticed some things that didn't come during today's announcements. For example, the iPhone 5 did not come with NFC and Apple did not announce a radio transmission service similar to Pandora. We believe that these functions will be available in the Apple ecosystem in the coming year. New Macs were also left out during this presentation, which points to a new event next month with the ?iPad mini?. The company also did not talk about Apple TV and its strategy for the living room, which we hope to hear more about soon, even though we are not expecting a television right now. Unchanged target price of $ 750.

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