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Analyst begins to see signs of cannibalization of Macs / PCs by iPads in homes and academic institutions

Apple denies it with all its strengths, but it is hard to imagine that iPads will not be able to affect sales of Macs / PCs in many situations. According to a recent survey by Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company, this is already beginning to be seen in numbers in the domestic and academic markets.

Graph - growth of Macs vs. PCs

In the third quarter of 2012, the analyst noted that the overall difference between the growth in sales of Macs to that of PCs narrowed slightly, while deliveries of iPads doubled from the previous year. 1 million tablets were marketed by Ma to academic institutions, while sales of Macs dropped 0.1% and PCs fell 13.9%.

?In our view, the educational market is the canary in the coal mine,? said Wolf. "The next market that the iPad is likely to impact is the large American residential segment."

With the ?iPad mini? coming to me, I wouldn't doubt it at all. Still, the analyst continues to forecast Mac sales growth above that of the PC industry as a whole especially due to the ?Halo Effect? caused by iGadgets.

(via Fortune Tech)