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After numerous technical difficulties, AirPower may reach the market in September

O AirPower It is far from being the only product in Apple's recent history with a late arrival to the market, but it certainly has already joined the list of those who delayed the most and possibly one of the strangest cases of all, as it was announced alongside the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X, in September last year, and since then we just haven't heard Apple talk about it anymore.

Before we go any further, let's remember what it is about: AirPower being an Apple wireless charging base capable of simultaneously powering an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the AirPod case. It is worth remembering that this will have to win a new version compatible with wireless charging, or sold part or already launched with a second generation of the headphones themselves.

Since Apple knew the AirPower would not be ready immediately after the iPhones arrived last year, it decided to promote conventional individual wireless charging solutions from partners like Belkin and mophie. So, nothing wrong; the real problem lies in this long silent delay, not least because Apple only said the AirPower would hit the market sometime in 2018.

Obviously, the reason he was not yet among us was a number of technical difficulties. In a report today, the Bloomberg cites complexities such as Apple's willingness to devices they can be positioned in any way and order on AirPower, the need to mix open Qi technology with its proprietary used in Watch, as well as problems with overheating the accessory. There are also bugs to be corrected in the firmware of the base that would run a special version of iOS, to control the power supply for the different devices placed on it.

Vehicle sources say the goal of Apple engineers was to put AirPower on store shelves by June, but now the expectation is that it will be ready at september (and we don't even know what your price will be yet). Yes, considering that the product took an entire year to be officially launched on the market since its original announcement.

May this serve as another lesson for Apple. If something is not ready (or good next), there is no reason to advertise. It only creates frustration.