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A6 processor may have cost $ 500 million just to be developed

O A6, processor that equips the brand new iPhones 5, very powerful. And a supposedbenchmark has already shown that he didn't really come to play.

Apple A6 processor

Linley Gwennap, president of The Linley Group, wrote an article telling how Apple's path was to develop its newest processor.

According to him, it all started with the acquisition of PA Semiconductor a PowerPC chip factory for $ 278 million in April 2008. Just a month later, Apple signed a license to develop its own ARM CPUs, one of the only companies that does this today , starting there the first efforts to create the A6.

In 2010, the first chip developed by Apple appeared, the A4 that equips fourth generation iPhones / iPods touch and the first iPad. That year, Gwennap says that the basis for the design of the A6 was ready and that the Cupertino giant bought Intrinsity for about $ 120 million to speed up the chip's physical engineering process. "The A6 came out about a year later, and Apple received its first copies last summer (winter, in the Southern Hemisphere)," wrote Gwennap.

Adding spending on the acquisition of the two companies, a few million for the ARM CPU license and about $ 100 million more to support the chip development endeavors during those four years, Apple must have spent around $ 500 millions with the A6, the first CPU fully designed by the company.

Is this the ?price? of starting a farewell to all current Apple chip vendors?

(via CNET)