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A6 is the smallest and most powerful processor designed by Apple

It will be a while yet iFixits of life put their hands on the iPhone 5 in order to disassemble it and show its insides. However, based on the presentation of yesterday's event, some began to speculate about the specifications of the new chip of the device, called A6.

iPhones and their chips

Comparatively, the A6 (S5L8950X) 22% smaller than the A5 (for iPads 2 and iPhones 4S), bringing CPU and GPU twice as fast. Taking into account that the A5X (which equips third generation iPads) has two processing cores and four for graphics, it is easy to conclude that the A6 should bring this set minimally, and it may even be a quad-core / quad-core. But since Apple doesn't usually talk about specifications, we don't know for sure.

O AnandTech says there is a high chance that it will be the first ARM Cortex-A15 on the market, manufactured in a 32 nanometer process and produced by Samsung. Comparatively, the A4 was a Cortex-A8, while the A5 was a Cortex-A9. This explains, for example, the improvement in the battery of the new device, since even with support for LTE networks, bigger screen and other features, the performance is better than in the iPhone 4S.

In fact, what really matters is to pick up the device and have a satisfying experience of long battery life, smooth and fluid transitions, quick access to apps, among other dozens of things we do every day with our iPhone.

(via The Verge)