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1Password for iOS arrives at version 7.0 with new features, support for iPhone X / Face ID and more

The most popular password manager in the computing world today reached its seventh version in the iOS, with several improvements, mainly related to the newest Apple device, the iPhone X.

I speak of 1Password 7, from AgileBits, which today received another major update to Apple's mobile operating system. Now, the app can be unlocked with Face ID on iPhone X, in addition to continuing to make previous Touch ID options available or to enter a password manually.

1Password 7

When there is an application that does not support the password manager, I need to copy the user name, go to the app and paste the information, go back to 1Password, copy the password and then return to the app and paste it; that is, a rather boring process.

To ease this back-and-forth, the company brought to this new version a new feature called "Quick Copy" (Quick Copy), which causes the next field to be copied automatically as soon as you return to 1Password. For example, when copying the first information (email or user name) and going to another app, when you return to 1Password, the password will already be copied automatically.

Another great novelty was the introduction of the ?Favorites? tab, where all passwords marked as favorites for easy access are listed, as well as the last three recently used items. On iPads on iOS 11, the information on that tab can also simply be dragged to another app.

The new version also supports the feature Handoff between iOS devices, as well as shortcuts when used with an external keyboard.

1Password 7 is now available on the App Store as a free upgrade. There is also an individual monthly subscription of US $ 3, which includes some additional features, in addition to synchronization with other system apps such as macOS, Android, Windows and the website.

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