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↪ HP CEO: “Apple taught us that design really matters”

iMac vs. SpectreONE

Matter of on the plans of the Hewlett-Packard:

As part of his plan, (HP CEO Meg) Whitman is looking forward to a better look for PCs, hoping that his company may one day rival Apple, being the industry standard for elegant design.

"I don't think we kept up the innovation," said the 56-year-old CEO. "The whole market has migrated to something more beautiful."

A year ago, when he took over the top job at the company, Whitman said he received a "brick" instead of a notebook. Today, in some cases, the design team eliminates several components so that the chassis becomes a single piece of metal or plastic, leaving the machine looking better and often cheaper. , HP, that water you are drinking came from Cupertino. Just be careful not to make the same mistake that Samsung made, as there is a limit between inspiration and plagiarism. (9to5Mac)