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Within seconds, crooks take $ 27,000 in Apple store products in California

It is not possible that this type of bullshit is becoming fashionable. If you remember, two days ago we talked here about the robbery of an Apple store in New York in which hooded thugs simply went in, took a handful of iPhones and ran. Now, a very similar crime has occurred on the other side of the United States but the damage has been even greater.

The whole thing took place last Saturday (7/7) at around 11:30 am at the Apple Fashion Fair, a store located in a shopping mall in Fresno, California. As reported by ABC7 News, a group of four hooded boys (all unarmed and some of them minors, according to the police) entered the store and, in less than 30 seconds, took 26 items between iPhones and MacBooks. Together, stolen devices reach $ 27k.

O New York Post he obtained a video from the store's security cameras showing the crime, which even has a record of violence as one of the visitors was knocked down while trying to prevent the bandits from passing through.

As much as the temporal proximity to the crime in New York may raise suspicions that the actions are interconnected, the police work with another suspicion: that the theft was orchestrated by the same gang that carried out a similar operation last month, on Apple Higuera Street. Similar occurrences have arisen in other California commercial establishments, which may indicate a larger plan for some state criminal organization.

The police, using the images from the security cameras, are looking for the four bandits with a possible fifth element who may have entered the equation as an escape driver.

it seems that ?fashion? really caught on.

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