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With the Meteor app, you measure the speed of your internet and whether your favorite apps / services work well on it!

How do you measure your internet speed?

I have installed the official Speedtest apps on both my Mac and iPhone. Some use Netflix's service Anyway, there are many per year, but today I met a call Meteor that brings a big difference.

Meteor app icon: network test

In addition to measuring your internet speed (ping, download and upload, with feedback on whether it is good or not), the service also tells you how your favorite / most used apps behave with the connection you have available. Can you run YouTube and / or Facebook well on your iPhone? And Netflix on the iPad, does it ?choke?? These and other answers (or at least one call sign) you have on Meteor.

There are several apps, games and services available for you to analyze if your connection is really good for them in addition to those mentioned above, we have Spotify, Skype, Chrome, Google Maps, Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Dropbox, Gmail, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, Waze, Flipboard, Google Street View, Telegram, Super Mario Run, Pokmon GO, Clash Royale, Twitch and more!

In addition, you have at your disposal the history with all your tests on Wi-Fi and cellular networks (all properly categorized, with the possibility of editing and sharing) and a control panel through which you can compare the tests performed. The app is already adapted to the iPhone X!

Aficionados of measuring each connection they have access to, it's worth it. ?