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This app for iPhones with two cameras allows you to readjust the focus later and simulate professional bokeh effects

What we have with Portrait and Portrait Lighting modes, native to iOS for iPhones 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X, basically what Apple decided to offer us on top of the data that their dual camera system can capture.

But developers, of course, can go well beyond that. We have already shown here on the website, for example, one that uses this information to erase the background of photos taken with Portrait Mode.

Today's tip o Spotlights, developed by Xiaodong Wang:

Focos app icon

This app comes with two big highlights. The first one will be able to readjust the focus after the photo has already been taken, in a similar way to those Lytro cameras (who remembers?).

The second interesting part is the simulation of effects bokeh professionals, including varied shapes such as stars, hearts and more, in addition to creamy, bilinear, spiral and other styles.

For those who enjoy playing / experimenting with the possibilities brought by Portrait Mode, Focos goes well beyond that. With it, you can even have a 3D view of the data captured by the dual cameras of the iPhones. Very very cool.

via MacStories