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Some units of white iPhones 5 would be “leaking” light from the side

The iPhone 5 may be the best phone from Apple, but, as with almost every release, some problems have been encountered in the manufacture of the new device. In addition to some already being sold with scratches / scratches on the carcass, a user of the MacRumors complained that the screen light was leaking from the side of his white iPhone 5.

Light leak on white iPhone 5.

According to the topic created by the user Leotno, the light comes out through a small gap in the upper right of his new smartphone. Although the problem is possibly imperceptible in bright environments, out-of-place light can bother users in dark places. Several other members of the forum have also said they suffer from the same problem.

So far, users have reported that a problem device can easily be exchanged at Apple Retail Stores. It is not yet known how many iPhones were affected, exactly.

(via BGR)