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Some iPhones 5 would be leaving the factory with scratches / scratches on the structure

It is not easy to buy an iPhone in the first days of sale. Now imagine getting your hands on one and discovering, when opening the box, that it is already scratched. Not good, huh? It seems that this has happened to some people.

Spiders on iPhone 5

Several users have posted images of iPhones 5 on forums and Twitter, which would have left the factory with minor scratches / scratches. There is no way to know exactly the number of people affected by the problem, but on Twitter, the hashtag #Scuffgate has won a good number of fans.

As we already said, the black version would be the most susceptible to scratches, but that did not prevent some white units from being affected by the problem.

Spiders on iPhone 5

In order to investigate the matter, iFixit carried out some tests with Ma's new smartphone and iPhone 4S rear window, as shown below:

, proven: despite being more resistant to falls, the new structure is more prone to scratches and scratches.

(via AppleInsider)