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Serious games help train doctors and the proof is in a game created by two Portuguese startups

All health professionals, including doctors, have a continuous work ahead of them throughout their constant updating career, not just in the initial phase. So far this aspect has been guaranteed through congresses, internal days, case presentations at service meetings, and even some study groups, in addition to boarding schools, for example. But with this challenge, the two Portuguese startups intend to guarantee a "more immersive and fun experience" and, thus, promote an initiative in which the professionals want to participate not only by updating knowledge, explains Diogo Silva.

Diogo Silva Nobox co-founder

In a statement, the CEO of UpHill explains that the startup was born to develop software that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills by health professionals and, with this project, the objective is to "bring scientific updating in a quick, intuitive and simplified way to In this action, we joined Nobox to develop a new concept of medical training, which, in a logical way, contributed to promote teamwork, but also the clinical skills of the participants, says Eduardo Freire Rodrigues.

Do doctors leave the hospital in time even with the challenges they face?

In each session, a group of up to five doctors will have to guarantee the best clinical care, while facing unimaginable terrain constraints in the health area. And how can I escape this game? You need to make the right and quickest decisions, based on the most current scientific evidence.

In this demonstration there were several tasks proposed to doctors: finding patient lists, improving the treatment of a patient with heart failure, but with a puzzle behind it, and solving an emergency situation, for example. In the end, patients send messages to health professionals and the final code is compiled in those same messages.

The objective is thus to simulate the daily life of a doctor, with "simple" problems, but which can complicate the work of these health professionals, at a time when Diogo Silva guarantees that there are still few serious games scenarios in Portugal and abroad. world in this area of ??medical training. Even so, the doctor considers that the institutions are increasingly interested in betting on serious games, taking into account that health professionals have very little time to train on a constant basis. In addition, entertainment also plays an important role, argues the Nobox co-founder.

Soon, startups intend to take this escape game to other areas, such as pharmacies or health centers, or even to other professions. Until then, the project foresees to be present in national congresses and hospitals to fulfill the objective: to improve the training of doctors.

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