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Say goodbye to Spotify as you know it. The application is "washed face"

Spotify will change its face. The company renewed the aspect of its streaming application and added new icons to streamline navigation, making it easier to download and add albums to playlists, as well as to activate the shuffle option.

The changes will first be applied to the iOS version. Users will start by having access to a new command line, where they can "like" an album, download it to listen to it offline and open a list of options. Spotify writes that the experience adapts to the dimensions of the user's device and facilitates navigation with just one hand.

To contextualize each track, the app will also display a small image of the disc to which each one belongs, except in the album view. Music "liked" by the user will also be associated with a small heart.

Spotify did not comment on the arrival of these changes to the Android version of the app, but the 9to5Google portal says it is coming soon.

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