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Samsung will sell folding glasses to other manufacturers

Now that the Galaxy Z Flip has hit the market, Samsung will start selling the folding glass that covers the screen of this equipment. The company wants to do business with manufacturers who have plans to develop similar equipment and is selling the component as "robust, but soft".

This "ultra-thin glass" (UTG), as the brand calls it, should start the popular foldable smartphones of other brands in the near future. Samsung does not confirm that it has customers waiting in line, but the technology is a popular supplier of other components for brands in this industry.

Note that although Samsung claims that this glass does not scratch as easily as the Galaxy Fold glass, nor does it show great signs of usability, there are reports that this UTG is not as durable as Samsung wants to make it look. Some content creators, such as JerryRigEverything, have indicated that they have managed to scratch the glass with their fingernails.

With regard to competition, there are no major complications for Samsung, at least in the first phase. Corning, responsible for the production of Gorilla Glass, said Wired in 2019, which is developing 0.1 millimeter glass that can be bent within a 5 millimeter radius without sacrificing component durability or strength. Until then, the market of the South Korean giant.