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Review HyperX Alloy Origins Core with the new HyperX switches!

The third keyboard to receive a review by Oficina da Net in 2020 is the HyperX Alloy Origins Core, the new HyperX model that has its own switches, something that we will explore deeply during the internal analysis of it. This keyboard was announced in Brazil at the Brasil Game Show 2019, and we have already commented on it in our coverage of the event, stop by if you haven't seen it yet.

The Core version is the TKL model of Origins, that is, the keyboard does not contain the Numpad – or numeric keypad – next to the "little arrows", and that is the only difference between it and Origins. And like all other keyboards, we will go through all aspects of it to bring you the most complete review possible for you on our website, so pull a popcorn and come with us!

External Construction

When I took it in my hand for the first time the impression that I had to be a really premium product, the finish and balance of the keyboard is really impeccable and without a doubt one of the best finished keyboards I've ever had on my desk. A good part of this is due to the extremely well finished aluminum top plate and with well rounded bevels in a style that I had not yet found on mainstream keyboards.

HyperX Alloy Origins Core has very beautiful designHyperX Alloy Origins Core has very beautiful design

Its lower part follows the excellent level of finish keeping the aluminum plate with rounded bevels, helping even more in the perception of a premium product. There are also elevation feet on two levels and both have rubber tips, making sure that the keyboard is well planted on the table.

At the bottom there is some information about the keyboard, its rubber feet and elevationAt the bottom there is some information about the keyboard, its rubber feet and elevation

Another great news is the fact that it is removable and USB-C to USB-A in addition to using the standard connector on both sides – thanks HyperX-, that is, you can use it both to charge your phone and to turn on the keyboard, and vice -version. It has Nylon braided coating and is not very flexible, but because it is a keyboard I will not remove any stitches for that reason, and it is also 1.8 meters long.

Removable USB-C tip cable should be standard on all keyboardsRemovable USB-C tip cable should be standard on all keyboards

Now let's move on to the next aspect that is your keycaps, which is a very controversial subject. First of all, remember that there are no extra sets of keycaps for keyboards in the ABNT2 standard, which is exactly this standard and this includes the set of HyperX itself marketed here in the country.


With several competitors that cost literally 3 times less than Alloy Origins already using Double-Shot style keycaps I did not expect to see less than that on HyperX's newest keyboard, after all, even Razer has already started to insert such a keycap in its new keyboards.

But unfortunately not what we see here, we have again the generic ABS plastic with Laser cutout and that as we already know presents not only visual wear after some time of use but also loses its characters after long time of use by the peeling paint along the characters.

ABS Keycap with Laser CutoutABS Keycap with Laser Cutout

Of course, the painting methods of the keycaps have improved in recent years, bringing a little more resistance in the long term, but I still see no excuse for not having eliminated a possible problem at once using Double-shot keycaps. For a keyboard of R $ 600 in 2020 using Laser as a method of printing characters is not seen as something good and the first flaw I see in the keyboard that in other ways has comforted me a lot.

Left side Double-Shot ABS keycap and right side the Origins keycapLeft side Double-Shot ABS keycap and right side the Origins keycap

Then HyperX start using Double-Shot PBT Keycaps on your keyboards, after all you already charge a premium price for them and we want to see the best products coming from the company too.

The brightness does not decrease, which further reinforces the use of Double-shot keycapsThe brightness does not decrease, which further reinforces the use of Double-shot keycaps

And if anyone has any doubts about a possible decrease in brightness by the keycaps do not worry because the brightness is as good as in the original keycaps, and that you can see in the photo above too.


This aspect of the keyboard is already one of its strongest points, something that at the BGS 2019 fair I could not notice much, but that on the table using it on a daily basis is one of the things that most draw attention to the model.

I only have compliments for the lighting of OriginsI only have compliments for the lighting of Origins

The light comes in the perfect measure of the keys, there is not too much lighting to the point of hurting your eyes but also there is not enough to not be able to see the LEDs in well-lit environments. All the keys are extremely well lit and I can only see a little fading in characters printed on the bottom of the keycap while the central ones are perfectly lit.

The LEDs are located under this acrylic cover that distributes the lighting perfectly to the keycapsThe LEDs are located under this acrylic cover that distributes the lighting perfectly to the keycaps

Compare it with other keyboards side by side almost cowardly, the lighting is really superior in other models and this is simply undeniable, regardless of the color that is used in it.

Alloy Origins Core on top and Alfawise V1 on the bottomAlloy Origins Core on top and Alfawise V1 on the bottom

The only tip I give if using white, put a little bit of green in the mix by the brand software, I say this because the switches have part of their housing in red and this reflects on the keycaps, giving a minimal red print when using the white tone.

Internal Construction

Now enough talking about the outside of the keyboard, let's take it apart and see if its internal quality is as good as the external. To open the keyboard just remove the keycaps – remover not included in the box 🙁 – and remove the upper screws and clips all around the keyboard, I recommend using plastic objects to not scratch the aluminum of the keyboard.

Now we will see how the internal structure of Origins, and for everyone's happiness we have a well-built keyboard inside too. The internal caprice unfortunately does not follow the lines of the external quality, but it is still a good level and guarantees that problems with assembly will hardly appear.

First let's talk about welds, here everything is not perfect as we have seen on other keyboards, but the quality is also not bad. I could only notice a reworked weld while the rest are not perfect, but there are also none with too much or too little weld and all respect the weld area.

Now we go to the controller that does all the work of saving the profiles, executing the lighting effects and saving the macros and functions added to the keyboard keys. In Origins Core we have the model Sonix SN32F247B with processor 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0, 8KB of RAM and 64KB of Flash memory. This means that the keyboard has internal space to store lighting profiles, macros, effects, among others, something that HyperX confirms with the 3 profiles available for the keyboard.

I ended up not removing the acrylic that is above the LEDs, to remove it I would probably damage the switch and as I have to return the keyboard and other people will receive it to do the analysis, I don't want to damage it. But from what I could see, we apparently have SMD 5060 LEDs, which are RGB in nature and last longer than ordinary 5mm models.

In general, Origins' internal construction does not disappoint, welds are OK and pass the quality test smoothly, the PCB is well organized and relatively clean, the LEDs also do not suffer criticism and the controller does everything the keyboard offers without reaching the limit of processing. As always, I leave my photo gallery on the keyboard below.


Here is a bit of a controversial part, especially when it comes to the enthusiastic and most demanding audience. Well-known brands like Cherry and Gateron are the great recommendations when it comes to quality switches, there are more and more manufacturers adopting switches from other companies, like Kailh, Outemu and in the case of Origins, HyperX itself.

The company itself made available a video talking about and demonstrating details about the manufacture and tests of the switches, I will leave the video below for better visualization. Its activation point is 1.8mm while the total pressing distance is 3.8mm, in addition to being tested for up to 80 million pressures, something that is very difficult to test in real life.

HyperX Red Switch the novelty in the keyboardHyperX Red Switch novelty on the keyboard

As seen in the photo above, our model is the HyperX Red that the brand directly compares with the Cherry MX Red. The first thing I notice is the weight, that even though it is the same according to the manufacturers there is a clear difference, in my view in favor of the switch from HyperX. Its slightly heavier weight gives me more comfort and security when typing, not being too light to press a switch when resting a finger on the key, which is the case with Cherry Reds.

Another thing is its silence that comes in part due to its good lubrication that gives great smoothness when pressing the key, I really am really enjoying these switches, even though I am skeptical of my own models.

Softness and weight are goodSwitch smoothness and weight are good

About durability, as I said, it is difficult to say if it will last for years, after all we only have it here for a few weeks and it is difficult for any switch to fail in such a short time. For the rest, I liked the switch during use and so far, and would choose it over Cherry Reds.


The Software turns out to be a mix of positives and negatives, not least because it is still in Beta and very limited to use. I recommend that you keep it uninstalled for the moment because it is not possible to run it in the background, something I see as a very negative point.

So, let's use your experience, you must download the program directly from the Microsoft store, just type HyperX NGenuity and it will appear, click on acquire and then on download. NOTE: It is not necessary to be logged into the store to download.

HyperX NGenuity found directly in the Microsoft store on Windows 10HyperX NGenuity found directly in the Microsoft store on Windows 10

When opening the program, the first thing I notice is that it looks beautiful and it is noticeable that the program received a lot of attention in this aspect. Now when it comes to usability, well, there's always room for improvement. When opening the software it takes a while to recognize the keyboard, and when it recognizes s, "Keyboard" appears, when it could at least put the name of the product.

HyperX NGenuity splash screenHyperX NGenuity splash screen

When clicking on the keyboard, we have some lighting options with limited effects and some that don't work very well. For you to use an effect you need to add it to the keyboard and choose the order of priority of the effect (???), in addition to having to disable the others for everything to work correctly. very messy and not very intuitive either. Oh, it lets you select which keys you want to illuminate, and only, there is no separation of different zones or selections to make the Brazilian flag for example.

Lighting configurations are extremely limitedLighting configurations are extremely limited

And the more I work on the software, the more I see that it is very poorly designed and the need to redo it very big. Just opening the program, my keyboard has stopped working, and it is necessary to reconnect it to work again. But let's continue, now going to the macros and key assignments.

HyperX NGenuityHyperX NGenuity

This software session was better planned than the lighting part, here the key we want to define a new function is selected and a small list opens, in it we can choose whether we want another button, multimedia key, macro or open a specific program. The problem remains when creating combinations since it is not possible to select more than one key at the same time, that is, nothing to select FN + 1 to make a new shortcut, the key you chose simply ceases to exist and is replaced by the function that you chose, which makes the designation a little meaningless for the vast majority of people.

The key assignment functions work correctly, making it possible to create macros for any keyThe key assignment functions work correctly, making it possible to create macros for almost any key

Even though it is in a Beta version, I do not believe that the program in this state should be released to the public, after all it is much quicker to develop something internal than to release it in the initial stages and then update it. If you have purchased any HyperX peripheral that is using this version of the program, I strongly recommend that you do not use it until it is in usable condition because besides it has locked our specimen there are reports that several mice have completely stopped working, including them they are on the program's own page.

Again, I do not recommend downloading the program at this time, wait until the company updates and leaves it in a state at least usable, as at the moment I do not believe this to be the case.


Alloy Origins is a keyboard that oozes build quality, not only being extremely robust but also giving an excellent feel to the touch, something of a really top-of-the-line keyboard that ends up making many competitors – and even keyboards of the brand itself – look like cheap keyboards .

But, as nothing perfect, we have two flaws that must be corrected to ensure that this keyboard establishes itself as a great option within the RGB mechanical keyboards market: its keycaps and its Software.

HyperX Alloy Origins CoreHyperX Alloy Origins Core

At the moment NGenuity is unusable and the functions it gives to the keyboard it also removes, making it useless because of the problems, at least until today. The good thing about a program, and like any other program, it can be updated and fully functional again, you just have to wait, and how much we don't know.

As for the keycaps, since it is a keyboard with ABNT2 Layout, if any problem is ever out of warranty – that is 1 year – you will have to count on HyperX's goodwill to repr or resell a new set of keycaps for you. Of course, you can also get rid of it by buying the international version of the keyboard and adding a set of Double-shot PBT keycaps – which adds about R $ 200 to 250 more, but that leaves you at a very high level – and that doesn't even matter. always an option for all users.

So, in the end, do I recommend or do not recommend HyperX Alloy Origins Core RGB for about R $ 600? For users looking for a good Cost x Benefit Origins is not what you are looking for. For those who want something that has an absurd build quality and are willing to take the version with International Layout and put together a set of high quality PBT Double-Shot Keycaps, it becomes a very interesting option and I would consider it, that of course after fixing the mess of the software.

Strong points:

  • Impeccable External Construction;
  • One of the best illuminations on a mechanical keyboard;
  • Removable USB-C cable;


  • Software does not currently exist;
  • Keycaps with Brazilian layout have no replacement;

Editor's recommendation: