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Recent updates on the App Store: WWDC, Spotify, Telegram, Google apps and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Apple Developer app icon

Support for iOS 11 and iPhone X, in addition to fixes to download videos and display photos.

Spotify app icon - Music and Podcasts

Compatibility with iPhone X.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Group media into an album by sharing multiple photos and videos Choose the exact order of the media sent; mark messages forwarding them to "Saved Messages" access them through the "Conversation List" or "Settings"; find bots and public channels quickly when entering your titles in the search bots and popular channels will be shown first; if you are a channel manager, post messages to keep your subscribers' attention on important ads; ?Settings? totally redesigned; new context menu when pressing and holding on a message; full support for iPhone X and other user interface improvements.

Google app icon

New look to make searching and browsing easier and more interesting, and compatibility with iPhone X.

Google Photos app icon

Support for drag and drop on iOS 11, and performance improvements.

Google Translate app icon

Compatibility with iPhone X; compatibility with the ?drag and drop? feature in iOS 11; Fixed an issue that caused offline translation and the translating camera to fail in some languages.

Google Analytics app icon

Analytical intelligence now understands the follow-up questions (if you ask "how many users on the cell phone in the past week?", You can ask "What about visits from New York?"; Now you can update using the icon in the upper right corner (or pull down to update) on the ?Select view? screen.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter app icon

If you accidentally tap the status bar and move to the top of your timeline, you can now tap it again to return to the last reading location; better line spacing in tweets containing emoji; better support for the new Arabic font iOS 11.

Pixelmator app icon

Full iPhone X support, as well as a number of stability fixes and performance improvements.

Viber Messenger app icon

Create transmission lists when you want to send the same message to multiple recipients privately.

1Password - Password Manager app icon

Several bug fixes.

Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 178.2 (266.6 MB) Requires iOS 11.1 or superior

You can now preview many other types of text files in your Dropbox application this can be useful if you need to see a .readme file or other text files; fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when editing files offline; large text files now load much faster.

Evernote app icon

Drag and drop to the iPad, enhanced editor and various bug fixes.

Calcbot 2 app icon

Support for iPhone X.

Readdle Documents app icon

Browse your PDFs with the new search engine! Now, you can find everything you highlighted by searching your notes and bookmarks, as well as being able to filter your notes by color. The update also fixes flaws and improves overall performance.

Periscope app icon

More control over your notification settings by push (You can now configure a ?Do Not Disturb? time window in the application settings section).

Uber app icon

It is now possible to share your current location until boarding time, to make things easier.

Adobe Scan app icon: PDF Scanner and OCR

Automatically finds documents and receipts in your photos, so you don't have to search for them manually; search for files by name or sort by date; access your scans in the new Files app (requires iOS 11) no need to switch between apps; improved cleaning feature for shadows and folds.

IMDb Cinema & TV app icon

Support for iPhone X.

TED app icon

The tab bar is now the same color as the navigation bar, so that everything is perfect on the new OLED screen of the iPhone X; I fixed some layout problems with the widget; many, many other bugfixes.

FiLMiC Pro app icon

Support for iPhone X and bug fixes.

VHS Camcorder - Retro 80s Cam app icon

Speed ??improvements to show previews in the import browser and bug fixes.

BLACK - B&W Film Emulator app icon

Support for iPhone X.

Sorry, app not found.

New characters (a female character dressed as a pig taking a selfie, an invading photographic character who brings him flowers); 30 new stickers designed by Lucas Levitan.

Withings Health Mate app icon

Support for iPhone X.

Radio Globo app icon

More interactive programming grid (straight from the grid, listen to live programming); alerts from Rdio Globo (direct link to the content); bug fixes.

PagSeguro Vendas app icon

We improved the sales process with Minizinha (press zero before starting a sale and don't lose the pairing anymore); correction in transactions with AMEX flag; accept the Alelo banner benefit cards; performance improvements with all PagSeguro machines.

PicPay app icon - Payments and Recharges

You can now turn off promotional notifications at Configure Notifications.

Sorry, app not found.

The last part of the episode Jurassic Pork has arrived! Levels of Mighty League now they have three stars!

Sorry, app not found.

Same as the previous one, in verse for iPad.