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Reading tips: Apple's supply chain and possible premeditated breakdowns

Tim Cook, current Apple CEO, a master in supply chains and helped Apple to improve a lot! the efficiency of its supplier network. But despite that, iPhones and iPads continue to sell out in their early days of sales.

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Chris O?Brien, from siliconbeat, wrote a latest article which raises suspicions about Apple's "inability" to meet demand for its products. According to him, there are strong possibilities for the company to forge exhausts as a way to create an aura of even greater desire about its products.

As the Cupertino giant has one of the best supply chains in the world, the frequent depletion of its new products is practically inexplicable, so it is believed that the company uses this device to show that, increasingly quickly, its products are devoured from shelves.

J about the supply chain itself, John Boudreau wrote to the MercuryNews an article about Ma's Taiwanese suppliers, which represent about a third of the company's network. Boudreau explained how the ?love and hate? relationship between the Cupertino giant and some small suppliers, who have headaches with high quality standards and tight deadlines.

(via The Verge)