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Reading tip: Is NFC really missing on the iPhone 5?

Very busy pre-sales and crowded stores: this is what every iPhone goes through when it hits the market, and it was no different this time. But many complained about the lack of ?innovation? of the new product, mainly the lack of a chip with NFC support (Near Field Communication, or near field communication). But stop to think: does he really need it?

IPhone payments with NFC

Never "got it".

Matt Drance, of outsider, wrote on the subject, giving examples of reasons why Apple did not implement this sophisticated technology on the iPhone 5, talking a lot about experiences, and little about technical specifications.

Upon winning this chip, the iPhone could be used as a wallet, sending the information from your credit card to the machines present in boxes around the world. It looks like an interesting future, that Google has already begun to glimpse with the Google Wallet present in some Androids, but the truth is that it is still far from Americans (let alone us!).

This is where Apple's dominance in the market becomes so important. The truth is that NFC won't take off without Apple, at least not as quickly as it would with it. So the critics' ?disappointment? is really just a sad realization that the NFC's illusory promise is at least another year away from being kept. Meanwhile, Apple maintains the resolution of real problems, which it knows it can solve now.

For such a system to really work, it would be necessary not only to put a chip inside a cell phone, nor just to develop cool software. Apple would need to partner with thousands of stores to make NFC-compatible systems available.

The truth is that if one day NFC is spread across the market, Apple will certainly put it on their devices. In the meantime, I find it difficult for her to take such a long step on lands that are still virgin.

(via Daring Fireball)