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PS5 remote can be loaded wirelessly and receive voice commands

Some PlayStation 5 specifications are already known, namely SSD storage, memory and other technical features that leave video game fans salivating, waiting for the next Christmas in advance. However, Sony never commented on the PS5 controller, the DualShock 5 (name yet to be confirmed, of course). Everything that is learned through the various rumors related to patents that are registered, which gives an idea of ??the technologies foreseen for the command, but far from being the proof that they will even be introduced.

Patentscope has received drafts of a registered patent for a wireless charging system for the PlayStation controller. It is an adapter that can be attached to the remote and thus be attached to a wireless battery charging base. It is curious that this accessory has buttons similar to those of the controller itself, suggesting that they can be used to play while docked. The reason for this is that the accessory can also function as a power bank, continuing to feed the battery of the remote, thus extending its autonomy.

It is also said that this wireless base can accommodate more than a DualShock 5 while charging. Also at the beginning of the month, there was also talk of a patent related to a microphone built into the remote, so that users could give console voice commands. The remote's haptic sensors, the only feature officially confirmed by Sony, will provide feedback to users on the processing of vocal commands.

But there are other patents related to DualShock 5. In November, a document with a design with the absence of the light bar was unveiled, introducing slightly larger triggers and a more prominent touch panel. There are even rumors that the touch panel may be an OLED screen. There is also a peripheral revealed as a PlayStation 5 accessory, a kind of panel to check email, play music and even games. The accessory looks like a kind of Game Boy, with multimedia features. Finally, the context of the programmable rear triggers, which seems to be inserted from scratch in the next controller, and not the accessory that came out recently for PlayStation 4.