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Protect your privacy without losing style with these camera caps for iMacs and MacBooks

You are one of those people who think that some intelligence service is monitoring you all the time, but you have a keen fashion sense and you don?t want to adopt Mark Zuckerberg?s grunge-hipster-ugly solution by gluing a piece of electrical tape to your camera. MacBook? Your problems are over!

Webcam protector

The fashion designer Arthur Lhermitte, from the French fashion brand Striiiipes, has a project on Kickstarter that looks simple, but will light the hearts of all Mac users especially concerned with their own privacy and connected in style. Calls Leather Webcam Covers they are exactly what the name says: small leather discs designed especially for you to stick on your Mac (or PC) camera and do your daily activities in the comfort of being sure you don't have anyone peeking across the internet.

Webcam protector

Of course, the tiny accessories bring an entire embedded technology: the part of the top that adheres to the computers surface is made with a micro-juice material, that is, we don't have a drop of glue here and, therefore, no residue left for when you want to remove it coverage. The part of the leather, in turn, obtained from "tailings" from other products of the brand and undergoes a special treatment to increase its durability.

Webcam protector

Small caps have already passed (a lot!) Their Kickstarter fundraising goal and interested parties can obtain a card with eight reusable copies, of assorted colors, contributing with 6 (approximately R $ 30); there are also special versions made of materials classified as "Sea Snake" and "Black Lizard", To the especially concerned with style.

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