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New iPad commercials show how it replaces computers, books and more!

If the iPad can in fact be the replacement for a Mac, this is a question whose answer varies greatly according to the person's use. For some, the Mac is undoubtedly an indispensable tool; for others, the iPad can easily be used every day instead of a computer.

In order to highlight the pros of this "exchange", Apple aired very short videos (15 seconds) highlighting how the iPad (in this case, the sixth generation) can be a great ally. The videos are slowly appearing on Ma's global channels on YouTube, see s:

iPad Paperless Paperwork (Paperless Paperwork)

With iPad, you can mark and edit all your documentation, without the paper.

iPad Travel with more space

With the iPad, you gain more space, even if your seat does not.

iPad More organized notes

With iPad, your typed and hand notes are neat and organized, even if you are not.

iPad All your luggage

With iPad, you can take all your luggage without excess baggage.

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The sixth-generation iPad was launched by Apple in May, at an educational event, and brings Apple Pencil support as the main differential of the fifth-generation iPad.


9.7 ? iPad

in Apple

Price view: from R $ 2,249.10Installed price: in at 12x of R $ 208.25Colors: space gray, silver or goldCapabilities: 32 GB or 128 GBRelease: March 2017

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In a related note, the Apple Brasil channel on YouTube published the videos of the ?Behind the Mac? campaign that we already disclose here on the website. Check out:

Mac Behind the Mac

People are creating amazing things behind the Mac. And you can do the same.

Behind Mac Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall is a legally blind photographer, who edits and retouches his photos using a Mac. Thanks to the accessibility features, Bruce is able to see the world around him.

Behind Mac Grimes

Grimes uses his Mac as a portable recording studio to create music his way.

Behind the Mac Peter Kariuki

Entrepreneur and developer, Peter Kariuki programmed the SafeMotos app on his Mac to connect passengers and safe motorcycle drivers across Rwanda.

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Interesting how in a commercial Apple shows that the iPad has several advantages compared to a computer and, in another, the Mac is simply indispensable. As I said above, everything in fact varies depending on the usage and the task that needs to be performed.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

MacBook Pro

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Price view: from R $ 8,819.10Installed price: in up to 12x R $ 816.58Release: mid 2017

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