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New American Apple Pay commercials focus on money remittance

Apple launched three new American commercials to publicize the Apple Pay Cash, one of the features of Apple Pay that, for now, is only available in the United States. With this feature, it is possible to send money to family and friends directly through the Messages app.

The series' brief commercials ?Just text them the money? (something like ?Send the money to them by message?) were recorded directly from the Messages app screen and the simplicity of the production was compensated with a touch of humor in the different conversations portrayed.

"Wedding" ("Marriage")

The first commercial shows a conversation between two friends, in which one of them encourages his colleague to watch a game, even if he has a wedding to go to.

"Hungry" ("Hunger")

The second reveals a conversation between mother and son, who sends her a picture of a practically empty refrigerator, waiting for the money.

"Rent" (?Rent?)

The third reveals a conversation, in which the child probably asks the parents for money to pay the rent. Will any be evicted? ?

"Lost Shirt" (?Lost Shirt?)

The last commercial shows a conversation between two colleagues, in which one of them lost the shirt he borrowed from the other and sends him $ 15 to compensate. Dissatisfied, the other sends an order for $ 145 to complete the t-shirt value.

That last video indicates another feature of Apple Pay Cash, in which a person can place an order for a specific amount and the person who receives it can authenticate the transaction or not.

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Although they are very simple, until they were funny, right?