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Macphun's Luminar photo editor wins new version to compete with Adobe Lightroom

If you did not like the changes made by Adobe in the Lightroom it's the Photos, from Apple, still a very basic tool for your needs, maybe a new option coming from the horizon might be worth it.

I speak of Luminar 2018, from the developer Macphun.

Luminar 2018, by Macphun

The stadium (soon to be called Skylum, as its main software including the one we are talking about is gaining versions for Windows) was already responsible for the previous versions of Luminar since its launch, but this update is so profound and dramatic that they they are treating the novelty almost like a new product, a new product, incidentally, which for the first time can basically compete on equal footing with Adobe's professional solution.

The 2018 version of Luminar brings as its main novelties an extremely optimized operating speed, with a renewed raw image processing engine (RAW) and also much faster, and the assistance of an artificial intelligence layer that makes the tasks simpler, with more accurate results.

The interface has also been profoundly rebuilt, integrating perfectly with the visual paradigms of macOS and bringing a refreshing dark theme (seriously, developers of professional apps, make dark apps if you want the good in the eyes of your users). For now, there is still no tool that allows you to manage multiple photos at once, as in Lightroom, only one image at a time can be edited, but this is a feature that developers will soon make available. Incidentally, Luminar 2018 will also support Lightroom catalogs for users who want to make the final transition.

When processing images, the software has several filters optimized for machine learning. One of them, for example, removes noise from the photo based on the colors of the image content, taking as little as possible of definition. More than 100 presets are available for those who just want to apply a ?coat of paint? and make the photo more attractive without much work. Other features, such as intelligent object removal, layer systems and masks, are also available.

Luminar 2018 is available on the Macphun website for $ 70 how to promote sexta-feira Negra, several additionals that together add up to almost US $ 60 are accompanying the software, as presets paid, an ebook on photography and a tutorial on capturing images and aerial videos. those who already have previous versions of Luminar, the upgrade costs $ 40. Did you like it?