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LG to supply 6.5-inch OLED displays for the “iPhone X Plus”

Today, there are rumors circulating about the possible launch of a ?IPhone X Plus? this year, with a 6.5 ? screen and other news. Such a model would be accompanied by two other versions of the iPhone, an intermediary of 6.1 ? (with LCD screen) and a smaller model, of 5.8 ? (direct successor to the iPhone X).

To reinforce the possibility of launching this ?X Plus? model, the LG Display is almost ready to become the second supplier of screens OLED Apple, as the newspaper reported South China Morning Post. Currently, the South Korean company is already the main supplier of LCD displays that equip iPhones equipped with such technology.

Initially, LG Display is expected to supply between 2 and 4 million pieces to Apple, a small number compared to the number of devices that are normally sold in the second quarter of the year. This means that, even with the addition of LG's supply chain, the Cupertino giant would continue to depend heavily on Samsung to further leverage production in time for sales to begin.

If the "new" South Korean supplier lives up to Apple's expectations, it is possible that all displays for next year's iPhones will be produced by LG, further reducing the company's dependence on Samsung. Contrary to rumors this year, in 2019 Apple is expected to adopt OLED technology in all its devices.

According to the newspaper The Investor, Apple is investing $ 2.7 billion in the production of LG's OLED displays for the 2018 iPhones. Like Ma, the South Korean company is also investing a small fortune in a new technology that would be the next generation of displays. , which should have more accurate colors and a thinner structure than the one we have on the LCD.

Both Apple and LG Display did not comment on the matter. It remains for us to wait for the confirmation, little by little, of so many rumors about the next iPhone models.

via MacRumors