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Leakage exposes Clearview AI facial recognition system customer list

Clearview AI, the startup that sold facial recognition software to US officials that appears to have come directly from a different universe, revealed that it suffered an information leak. The company claims that its entire confidential customer list was stolen by someone with unauthorized access to the system.

In a notification sent to customers, Clearview AI admits that the intruder also had access to the number of open accounts and surveys conducted. The startup claims that servers, systems and networks have not been compromised in the information leak.

Security is the priority of Clearview AI. Unfortunately, leaks are part of life in the 21st century, said Tor Ekeland, a lawyer for the company, the international press. The startup says it has resolved the vulnerability and will continue to work to strengthen its security mechanisms.

Clearview AI started to become known in early 2020, when an investigation brought the system it had developed to the public, which uses a database with more than 3 billion photos taken on social networks to recognize identity of an individual. In all, more than 600 police departments have already adopted the technology.