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iPhone 8 was the world's best-selling smartphone in May, surpassing the Galaxy S9 +

Funny as the world turns. A month ago, I commented here that the Galaxy S9 + had been the best-selling smartphone in the world in April and speculated whether the reign of the iPhone X, which had been leading the charts since its launch, was over. Good to say, but the fact that neither the Galaxy nor the iPhone X took the crown in the month of May was done by another device with Ma on its back.

According to data from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 8 was the world's best-selling smartphone in May, with a 2.4% market share Galaxy S9 +, which came in second place by sales decimals. J o iPhone X was only the third in the list, with a share 2.3%.

World's best-selling smartphones in May 2018, Counterpoint Research

Counterpoint said Apple's victory was mainly the result of successful campaigns, such as the series of videos explaining how to take better photos with iPhones, in addition to the massive publicity at events like the World Cup, which gave Ma a chance at European sales.

The rest of the research taken by two more models from the eternal competitors (iPhone 8 Plus fifth and Galaxy S9 sixth) and, in addition, only Chinese are two models of the Xiaomione of Huaweione of OPPO and one of Live, which at the very least shows the increasingly surprising strength of the manufacturers and the consumer market in the country of the Wall.

All of which looks reasonably good for Apple, but the AppleInsider pointed out that better than it looks: Ma's most expensive models, after all, grabbed 36% of the universe of ten best-selling models in the world in May; Samsung's, in turn, took a 24% share of this group. And, as is well known, it is sales of top-of-the-line smartphones that generate more money for companies, which explains why Apple is making much more money than Samsung. The rest of the Top 10It is good to note, taken by cheaper models, which range from $ 150 to $ 520.

If there is one lesson that can be drawn from all of this, that the apocalyptic forecasts about the price of the iPhone X (and the price increase of the iPhones 8/8 Plus in relation to its predecessors) have proven to be wrong. Consumers will pay more for more expensive smartphones if companies convince them of these benefits to a certain extent, of course. And in the meantime, of course, whoever sucks is us here in our glorious Republic of the iPhone X for seven thousand reais.

Let's see what the next months will be like