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iOS 11.2 will enable slightly faster wireless charging on iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X at 7.5W

Since Apple announced the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X with wireless recharge (by induction), she had said that in the future iOS would receive an update to make this process happen a little faster.

As we showed in the tests we performed for the review of the iPhone 8 Plus, in fact wireless charging is the slowest way to recharge an iPhone so far. It took over 1h to reach 25%, more than 2h15 to reach 50% and only fully recharged after 5h!

iPhone 8 wirelessly charging on a generic white base

Behold, this wireless recharge a little faster, operating the 7.5W, is coming with iOS 11.2 which, by the way, yesterday won its third beta version.

So far, for some reason, Apple has limited these wireless charging bases with the Qi standard (like that of mophie) so that they do not operate beyond 5W although most, not all, support more than that.

The official launch of iOS 11.2 is expected for the next few weeks, so certainly this good news is already entering the tests that we will do for the full review of the iPhone X.

via MacRumors