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Instagram now allows friends to request participation in live streams

After you have implemented live streams with the participation of friends, the time has come after all, we have news almost all freaking another week!

Here's the news:

New! When watching a friend's live video, tap the ?Request? button to let them know that you would like to participate.

So when you watch a friend?s broadcast and want to show up on live also, just ask to join him. The request will appear in the comments section and your friend may, of course, accept it or not. The same is true if you are live and a friend wants to participate in your broadcast.

When the invitation is accepted, the screen is divided and the person who initiated the transmission can, at any time, remove the other person just by touching the ?X? in the upper right corner of the split screen.

The instantness that Stories and the Instagram live streams they provide have been a very interesting way to follow not only friends, but also people we admire. So, this cool resource both to favor that cool online hoopla with friends and can also be a cool opportunity to bring fans closer to their artists when they want to open up their broadcasts to their followers.

On a related note, Instagram optimized the way Stories they are viewed on iPhone X. Before, the feature interface had some blurred bars so that everything was adapted to the size of the new screen; now, we have a black that makes good use of the OLED screen. All that remains is to correct the sound bar (when you increase or decrease the volume), since it is still positioned under the cutout of the device's front camera.

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via TechCrunch